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Essential Tips for Choosing Alloy Wheels

Ever since the late 1960's, the alloy wheels have been the preferred option for car owners. They are made from an alloy of aluminium and magnesium. This unique material makes them light yet super strong and gives them improved heat conduction. They look much better than their traditional counterparts as well. Find out how to make the best choice when you go shopping for such car parts.

Size is the most important factor.

Many people are tempted to go for alloy wheels of a different size than the original ones of their car. This can be a costly mistake, however. The incorrect size may void the manufacturer's warranty on the vehicle. It can cause issues with safety and performance as well. It is best to pick the original size or one which is very close to it. Keep in mind that the size is determined by the diameter of the rim.

It is best if you stick to the original rim width as well. If you choose a wider rim, you will have to replace your tyres as well. Additionally, you have to keep in mind that some issues may arise. These include problems with the steering rod, with the suspension components and with the fender.

You have to ensure that the pitch circle diameter is a precise match as well. This measure indicates the distance from the wheel bolts to the axle. It is presented with the use of the rim diameter and the number of bolts which are evenly spaced.

This is one very important measure for the selection of alloy wheels. The offset is a measure presenting the deviation of the centre of the wheel from the point of fitting to the hub. It is best if you go for wheels with zero offset. Models with slight negative offset can be a good choice as well since they help to improve the handling of the vehicle. Still, negative offset exceeding one inch should be avoided as it can cause too much pressure on the axle and the hub and possibly lead to their breaking. You would not want to risk your safety and the safety of others on the road.

Finally, you should be careful when choosing accessories for your alloy wheels. Spigot rings are used for facilitating the fitting of the rim onto the hub when this is not possible. If you consider spacers, you may be better off without them as they may cause trouble eventually. Generally, it is always best to use the services and advice of a specialist when buying wheels.

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